Healthy Trading & Building a Routine

Healthy Trader

If your like me I tend to wake up feeling groggy and tired. These are classic signs of sleep deprivation and dehydration. We can take a few simple steps today to help remove these stubborn feelings.

Building A Routine:

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of water. If I don’t have time to shower early then I splash some water on my face during the pre-market. Then I spend some time with the family and catch up on news. I will usually eat something light, such as cereal with banana or a protein shake. I will also have one cup or shot of espresso. I drink more espresso then coffee lately, but I stick to one cup/shot. I noticed if I drink too much caffeine during the pre-market hours my trades don’t go well. This is because my body is so amped up on caffeine it causes me anxiety and anxious. If your leg and hands start shaking, then that’s a solid sign of too much caffeine. To remedy any overdoses of caffeine I drink lots of water. In fact, I make sure to drink two full glasses before the open bell at 9:30am. Once I have my caffeine and water I make sure to use the restroom at 9:15 – 9:20. Every second counts and the last thing you want is to have that feeling while deep in a trade. An example is if you’re in a trade that halts and you only have five minutes to use the restroom. Now that should be plenty to go, but when you have thousands of dollars in one position you need to be ready and at your desk. When it gets to one to two minutes prior to the bell I take a big stretch and do a few deep breathing exercises. This really calms me down and makes me comfortable.

Eating Healthy:

I think we can all agree health food is on an upward trend. Society has accepted that we all need to look at how and what we eat. For stock traders there is no exception, in fact we as traders should really look at what we eat before and after a long trading session. If you trade for thirty minuets or eight hours you really need to focus on what your putting into your body. I have found eating healthy gives me clean fuel to help me focus on trading. When I eat high surgery foods or meals with a lot of carbs, I feel bloated and tired. I wont go into detail of what food you should focus on, becuased that is your choice. What I have done personally is reduce my suger, and overall red meat intake. I like chicken so I tend to mix chicken in with other servings such as beans or rice.




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