State of the Market

The Current Stock Market

Lets face it, the market is in this sort of funky cycle. It seems to me that it wants to hit all time highs again but it cant. Its getting pushed back from all the corners. Things like trade war, taxes, elections, oil. It all adds up to good and bad news swaying the market.

last week we took a big correction on the market. First the Dow lost over 800 points in a single trading day. Some say it was a healthy correct, and I would agree. Though when the markets started to keep selling off folks started to get shaky in the legs. All of a sudden the markets today have a big bounce. Up 300 points on the Dow and counting.

My personal opinion is that we are heading towards a bear market and its a matter of time until we see a larger correction. Maybe I am wrong, but my overall feeling is that a correction is coming this year. Possible its around February again but lets see. I know if the correction happens soon I will be buying into the bottom dip if its a really large dip.

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